Comedian Scroll 1

Comedian Scroll 1:
A predesigned 1-page scrolling website for comedians, adapted to suit your unique content.

Demi-custom, if you will.

About Comedian Scroll 1


A 1-page scrolling site created just for comedians.

Just a small amount of content gets you up and running. Don’t need a section yet? I can leave it in place and disable it, ready to go when you need it.

Designed on the Squarespace platform, it’s simple to maintain, and I provide instructions to get you going with basic site admin.

If you aren't ready to invest in my fully strategized, custom design packages, but want something better and more easily done than a DIY project, this is for you. You don’t need to learn the tech, marketing, AND design tricks - I’ve got you covered.

I build and launch within a day or so. We schedule your design date in advance, allowing time for you to gather content (and do a lightning fast prep survey).

If you need content prep and curation help - planning and choosing pictures, editing your bio, or writing text for the site, I can help there for an added fee.

The site look is influenced by the content (pictures, video, text length). The color, size, and tone of your content will affect the final look. You and your content are going to make this design very unique.

Click here for more info about template sites, process, cost, and to learn more about what can and cannot be adapted within this template choice.



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